Resolved: 2 Brothers Auto Sales in Irvine, California - Refused to fix transmission during warranty put in truck in order to sell it

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I bought a truck from 2 Brothers, my 3rd vehicle it so happens from them. The truck had a few problems. One of the problems ended being a safety issue that was missed and then later fixed, you can read about the shifter lever issue below. Anyway, when I purchased the truck I was told that a used transmission was installed into the truck and that it had 50,000 miles on it compared to the 135,000 miles on the truck. I thought, cool, that is a good thing. The likelihood of a transmission problem is less likely. Anyway, the transmission started to leak. I informed Victor, the owner of this when I took the truck in to have the shifter issue fixed. He told me that he would tell Mike, the mechanic about it and have him check it out. Based on a few years of dealing with Victor, I totally trusted that it would be done and that Mike would take care of it and that I would have nothing to worry about as there has NEVER been a problem up to this point. I picked up my truck and within a few days noticed that the truck was still leaking and that it was actually leaking more and that it was transmission fluid. Transmission fluid from the transmission that 2 Brothers installed in order to sell the truck in the first place!

I called 2 Brothers and learned that Victor was not there, however, I did talk to Mike, the mechanic and told him about it. He told me that Victor did not ask him to look at a leak and that the leak sounded like a gasket. He told me he would ask Victor to call me.

Victor called me, I told him the issue. He admitted that he "forgot" to tell Mike about the leak and then proceeded to tell me that it was not on the paperwork and that if I did not see that it was not on the paperwork because I did not have my reading glasses that is was just too bad and that would do nothing about it.

I will again, tell you that this is a leak from the transmission that they installed on this truck in order to sell it and that Victor admitted to forgetting to tell the mechanic (which I also have in writing and is quoted further down in this review)

I responded to another customer review who spoke about Victor not doing any "paper waving" when they had a problem with their car and pointed out that in fact, I had just experienced exactly that. Here is exactly what I wrote, "Funny you should say, "wave the contract in my face". That is what just happened to me after years of a mutual trust between 2 Brothers and myself. Oh well........... New thought process, Do not trust anyone, especially those in whom you have placed your trust for years previously...........". A response was made by the original reviewer who said, "I'm sorry you had that happen. Unfortunately I can only give a review based on my experience, which has so far been outstanding.". Victor of 2 Brothers Auto Sales responded as follows, "Thanks Jeremiah! This is just a case of sour grapes with Mr. Winters. If he would look at the warranty he signed and quit blaming everyone else he would know that after purchasing 3 vehicles that seals and gaskets are not warrantied."

What is important about Victor's response is that the leak, which he forgot to tell Mike the mechanic about, was reported during the warranty period. I have not been "blaming" anyone except Victor and his mechanic for their oversight and most importantly, SINCE THE VEHICLE WAS NOT EVEN LOOKED AT BY 2 BROTHERS AS CONCERNS THE LEAK, IT CANNOT BE DETERMINED THAT IT WAS SEALS OR GASKETS OR NOT!!!

Even it it were seals and gaskets, it was on a transmission that 2 Brothers installed in order to sell the truck!! I can only assume that it was not checked when installed, installed improperly or that Victor refuses to acknowledge that an error was made.

Further on in Victor's responses to my review, he divulges private information concerning my credit without my permission, brings up favors he has done in the past during the "good times" such as picking me up and dropping me off when doing repairs on my vehicles, many of them warranty repairs I might add, makes a remark about my business not having feedback on its Facebook page which has absolutely nothing to do with anything and is simply an attempt to smear me (here is what Victor wrote, he difference between people like you and me is I have a Facebook page allowing people to leave feedback and people like you who have a business fly under the radar and will not allow open feedback like 2 Brothers"), and then when I bring up an issue with the vehicle that I feel is totally justified, he makes a remark about me "showing my true colors" when writing a review. He also mentions that all this happened because he mentioned that there would be a deductible of $100 to fix a leak on a transmission that was reported within the warranty period and one a transmission that they installed in order to sell the truck. Lets keep in mind that he initially refused to do anything and did the paper waving thing previously mentioned. It was not until after I put a review up that he offered to fix it but still charge a deductible. Here are his exact words as sent to me in an email, "Let me start by bringing to your attention you knew we put in a used transmission. I told you we did before you bought the vehicle, so please don't act like you were duped. As for your oil leak, the first time I heard about it was on July 22nd, and yes, I did forget to tell Mike. I would also like to mention that you had Pep Boys do a thorough inspection on said vehicle on July 15th and no mention of TRANSMISSION LEAK was noted. That being said, and under no obligation, I offer you this; bring in the vehicle and I will fix your transmission leak. Please note that you will be charged a $100.00 deductible." I might add that I did NOT have Pep Boys do a full inspection of my car, I had them install tires and when doing so, they noted that the truck had ball joints that had torn boots and play in them. By the way, 2 Brothers checked the ball joints and said they were fine, I later learned through research that is is always recommended that ball joints be replaced if boots are torn, they did not do so.

Needless to say, he came back to me with an offer to fix it at no charge. Well what do you know. However, at this point, I do not think I want him or his mechanic to touch this truck. If you read further in this review, you will see why but it includes transmission shifter lever that was loose and would go into reverse when put into park. They checked it and said it was normal and there was nothing that should be done, A week later a bolt feel out from under the dash, the shifter could not be moved, the truck was stuck in reverse. A bolt, that should have been checked, came out of the bracket that holds the shifter cable in place. I later learned that this is a common problem with this model truck, yet I was told that all was well and normal. They of course fixed it and acknowledged that ti was a lot tighter than it was when I first complained. So, based solely on that experience, which was a very dangerous thing (this happens within days of the actor who was killed by a truck put into park and was instead in drive if you all recall), would I want 2 Brothers to work on my truck again? I do not think so.

So what now, well, he has apparently washed his hands of the whole thing. My intentions are to 1) Notify the BBB about this and ask for whatever the cost will be to repair the leak. 2) Continue to place reviews on the internet about how I have been treated by Victor and 2 Brothers Auto Sales, 3) Contact the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs who oversees the Auto repair Board and file a complaint and 4) Consider if there is a basis for taking Victor and 2 Brothers Auto Sales to Small Claims Court

As I said in the beginning, I leave it all up to you to read the full reviews and the conversation between Victor and myself. I invite you to look at the photo of the leaking transmission, the transmission that 2 Brothers installed into the truck in order to sell it in the first place and then you can be the judge if you wish and make your own decisions as to whether or not you really want to do business with 2 Brothers Auto Sales

Product or Service Mentioned: 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Pickup Truck.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: I wish for 2 Borhters to have this truck repaired at a 3rd party, non- affiliated service center as their mechanic cannot be trusted to do the work based on experience as described in complaint. .

I liked: Years of trust with owner.

I didn't like: Loss of trust with owner due to this bad experience.

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